Rapid Deployment Packs

Portable, cutting-edge digital forensics solutions for law enforcement teams and intelligence agencies

Built for the demanding workflows of crime units, intelligence agencies and police forces, and fine-tuned by channelling input from users, Detego’s Rapid Deployment pack enables swift Digital Forensics investigations, anywhere.

Combining hardware and software into the ultimate kit for field-based operatives, Detego’s Rapid Deployment kit is an all-in-one solution for accurate and powerful data acquisition, analysis and reporting.

Make sure you’re prepared for any challenge in a digitally evolving world with a system designed to support professionals in countering terrorism, criminal activity and the exploitation of digital data. Gather insights in seconds from any media device and transform raw information into actionable insights. 

What's Included


Detego’s Unified Digital Forensics Platform is an all-in-one suite that delivers rapid extraction, analysis and reporting capabilities on data that’s critical to investigations. This acclaimed platform not only enables the extraction and analysis of data from 1,000s of digital devices including computers, phones, loose media and drones, it also brings automated workflows and advanced AI-driven analytics to help fast-track investigations.

  • Ballistic Imager
  • Field Triage
  • Media Acquisition
  • Fusion
  • Analyse AI+
  • Detego Covert and Boot


Detego’s Rapid Deployment pack features state-of-the-art hardware compatible with our pioneering Digital Forensics platform, to empower officers in the field:

  • Carry pack with detachable work groundsheet
  • Data Collectors for Field Triage and Ballistic Imager
  • All the necessary cables and accessories
  • Write-blocker(s)*
  • Laptop/Tablet of your choice*

*Write-blocker and laptop/tablet sold separately.

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