Detego 4.3: A New Standard in Digital Forensic Examinations

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We are thrilled to announce that our Detego® Unified Digital Forensics Platform, Version 4.3, is now available for download.

Detego Forensics has worked hard to bring you the latest in digital forensic capabilities, allowing your current Detego tool kit to integrate and collaborate with industry-leading tools.

Detego® offers a new take on multi-vendor collaboration, designed to bring digital investigators seamless integrations, which increases investigation capability whilst reducing cost. Detego® 4.3 now delivers comprehensive device support, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, servers, hard disks and cloud accounts.


Detego® Version 4.3 Highlights

Hancom MD-Series Mobile

Forensics Integration

The Detego® forensic product suite now leverages the Hancom MD-Series of mobile forensics software for the extraction of data from mobile devices including smartphones and feature phones. Seamlessly import data extracted into Detego® Analyse to uncover maximum intel using the powerful analytical processes that are a key component of Detego®.

  • Support for more than 15,000 models of devices from the world’s major phone manufacturers.
  • Support for more than 1,500 applications.
  • Physical extraction of the latest smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S9 and newer (Android 9.0) & Apple iOS 13 devices.
  • Support for Chinese manufactured phones – Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc.


Detego® Field Triage Enhancements

Field for MacOS (APFS & T2 CHIP)

License Detego® Field for MacOS within the Field Devices tab in Detego® Analyse and carry out field and lab-based extractions from both Windows and MacOS target machines from the same field device.

Detego® Boot Environment on your Field Devices

Include a Detego® Boot Environment partition on your field device. The field-based investigator is now able to use the same single collector to both securely boot up a target device and perform extractions.


Project VIC Database Support

The Project VIC hashset converter (available on the MCMS Secure Portal) will convert your Project VIC JSON files into a format that you can import into Detego® Analyse for running against your exhibits.


Additional System Updates

  • CFID & UFDR Importers: Detego® v4.3 brings with it support for importing CFID and UFDR exports into Detego® Analyse for further analysis.
  • PhotoDNA Updates: The PhotoDNA Processor job now includes an integrated PhotoDNA calculator and PhotoDNA Matcher. 
  • Selective Data Processing: Run analytical jobs selectively against one or more items in the evidence browser. 
  • Advanced Text Analytics Jobs: This includes key phrase analysis, language classification, sentiment analysis & cryptocurrency identification. 
  • Software Licensing: Detego® can now be licensed via a software license key, removing the need for a hardware license key. 
  • Software Write-blocking: Detego® includes an enhanced Software Write Blocker.  
  • Detego® Insight: A new Detego® Insight panel has been added under the ‘Taggable Properties’ display panel to show lookup values for Remote IP’s, Mac Addresses and VID/PID values. 
  • Detego® Fusion Update: Fusion Map Analysis will allow the investigator to rapidly drill down to images with matching geodata. 
  • Disk Viewer: A disk viewer option has been added to Detego® Field Triage to give the field-based investigator a breakdown of all the storage volumes & partitions on a target device.