Tailored Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Case Management and Endpoint Monitoring solutions, built to your organisation's requirements

Regular monitoring, analysis and swift incident response are crucial for enterprise security. Yet turning data into actionable insights can be challenging when addressing threats like data breaches, cyber-attacks, corporate espionage and misconduct.

Detego Global’s solutions empower businesses to cut through the noise. Our unified investigations platform integrates cutting-edge digital forensics, cyber incident response, endpoint monitoring and case management tools to transform investigations and help you take action fast.

  • Improve case management: Gain granular control over all your exhibits and centrally monitor and manage every aspect of investigations with Detego’s advanced case management capabilities. 
  • Enhance endpoint security: Use our endpoint monitoring platform to regularly monitor and identify devices, data and user activity that could pose potential threats to your organisation.
  • Extract and analyse data anywhere: Acquire meaningful evidence at speed. Leverage our patented technology to rapidly acquire data from computers, mobile phones, loose media, smart devices, drones and 1,000s of applications.
  • Uncover evidence with powerful analytics: Leverage AI-powered semantic search, object detection, facial recognition, hash matching, keyword search, Photo DNA, AI translation and transcription, advanced steganography detection and more to fast-track the discovery of evidence.
  • Simplify investigations: Get teams up and running in a few hours thanks to Detego’s simple and effective interface that requires minimal training. Even non-technical staff will be able to conduct forensically sound data extraction and analysis in a matter of hours.

Our solutions Include

  • EndPoint Monitor

    Monitor files and user activity that could pose potential threats. Monitor all endpoints automatically and periodically to identify instances of fraud, employee misconduct, asset misappropriation and more.

  • Case Manager

    Detego Case Manager is a one-stop platform that enables the effective end-to-end management of investigations, incidents, risks, evidence and compliance. This fully customisable platform helps teams collaborate easily, follow procedures, minimise errors, improve productivity and securely store data related to investigations.

  • Unified Digital Forensics PLatform

    Built from the ground up to fast-track investigations, Detego is an all-in-one platform that delivers record-setting data acquisition capabilities, rapid triage, AI analytics, automated job queues and court-ready reports.

    Leverage this technology to swiftly extract, analyse and report on critical data from 1,000s of devices, including computers, phones, smart devices and loose media.

What our customers say

"In my many years of examining digital devices, I can boldly say that the Detego® software is a tool that all Forensic Examiners should have in their toolkit".
Senior fraud Investigator - a global bank
"A quick note of thanks to Trevor and Matt for a great day's input on Detego® today.

I am delighted to have added it to our capability and after today can see that it will quickly become our go-to tool. Far exceeds expectations and we will be working hard now to look at how we develop its use and when the dust settles what we can look to bolt on that we couldn’t afford at this time.

Trevor and Matt are great ambassadors for your company and product".
Chief Inspector UK Police Force
"We are happy to say that Detego's tools have delivered some steadfast results for our investigators.

We have been able to use these tools on sting operations and for investigations in our forensics lab.

The rapid data acquisition capabilities are a true game-changer and we're big fans of how easily these solutions can be deployed".
Senior Investigator - a tax authority based in europe

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