The proactive approach to managing organisation-wide risks

Every day, organisations are exposed to a slew of threats ranging from IP theft, fraud, corporate espionage, bullying and harassment through to modern slavery. Failing to pre-empt these hazards can lead to significant reputational and financial losses. And with the added complexities brought about by the rapid increase in remote and hybrid working, it is more important than ever to adopt a proactive approach to identifying, analysing and mitigating risks.

This is where Endpoint Monitor can help. Developed using patented technology trusted by the world’s largest corporations and elite military and law enforcement teams, this lightweight endpoint application can be deployed covertly or overtly to networked computers to help monitor user activity and identify and analyse files containing information on potential threats.

Pair Endpoint Monitor with Detego’s Case Manager to unlock end-to-end case management capabilities including automated alerts and business-wide escalations.

endpoint monitoring tools
Endpoint Monitor enhances your team’s ability to:
  • Detect fraud, including procurement fraud, insider trading and more
  • Uphold organisation-wide ethics and protect employees from harassment, bullying and discrimination
  • Pre-empt and prevent data leaks
  • Protect sensitive data and ensure higher levels of compliance
  • Better manage cyber-attacks and malware threats
  • Monitor productivity levels of remote/hybrid workers
  • Better manage the assets across your network(s)
  • Prevent asset misappropriation
  • Build strong cases by gathering court-ready evidence with ease

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