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Portable, cutting-edge digital forensics solutions for Military Units

Exceptional forensic technology where you need it most. Detego’s Military Deployment pack supports military experts in high-stakes missions. The ultimate combination of hardware and software delivers a comprehensive solution that’s trusted by elite military units around the world.

Empower your team with meaningful data insights in the fight against criminal activity and terrorism with an end-to-end Digital Forensics ecosystem. Gather intelligence in an instant without compromising evidential integrity and generate real-time insights into essential information.

A high-tech crime unit in a bag, the Detego Military Deployment Pack has become the standard deployment for military TME, SSE, and MEDEX operations. Give field-based units the ability to capture, analyse and report on digital evidence from a range of devices including computers, servers, loose media, drones, smart devices and 1,000s of apps, even in the harshest of conditions.

What's Included


Detego’s award-winning digital forensics tools deliver rapid extraction, analysis and reporting capabilities on data that’s critical to investigations. These acclaimed tools enable the extraction and analysis of data from 1,000s of digital devices, including computers, phones, loose media, drones and smart devices, and also bring automated workflows and advanced AI-driven analytical tools to help fast-track investigations.

  • Ballistic Imager
  • Field Triage
  • Media Acquisition
  • Fusion
  • Analyse AI+
  • Detego Covert and Boot


The Detego Military Deployment Pack is equipped with military-specification hardware, compatible with the full Unified Forensics platform,  helping you empower any soldier on the field.

  • Military carry pack with detachable work groundsheet
  • Data Collectors for Field Triage and Ballistic Imager
  • All the necessary cables and accessories
  • Hardware write-blocker(s)*
  • Laptop/Tablet of your choice*


*Hardware write-blocker(s) and laptop/tablet sold separately.

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