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FT-Day, Germany (26-27 September 2023)

Join us as we showcase our acclaimed Unified Digital Forensics Platform at FT-Day this year. Get a first-hand look at how you can leverage Detego’s blisteringly fast data acquisition capabilities, triage tools, AI analytics and automated workflows to conduct rapid yet thorough on-scene and lab-based investigations.

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NW ICAC & TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE (02 – 06 October 2023)

Connect with the Detego Global team for an exclusive walkthrough of our award-winning digital forensics platform built to rapidly advance investigations into child abuse and exploitation.

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SEECAT, Tokyo (11 – 13 October 2023)

Visit our booth and explore our renowned digital forensics tools that have earned the trust of elite military units, intelligence agencies and law enforcement teams worldwide. See how Detego excels in rapidly collecting, preserving and analysing crucial intelligence from 1,000s of digital devices and apps.

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Accelerating Justice with Detego Global: AI-Powered Digital Forensics Solutions for Swift and Accurate Investigations (08 November 2023)

Join Alex Kirk, Detego's Global Sales Director, as he demonstrates how our groundbreaking AI solutions help investigators pinpoint critical evidence from thousands of sources in minutes.

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Past Events

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Rapid Triage and Strategic Extraction: Delivering Justice While Protecting the Privacy of Victims (21 September 2023)

Join our session at the Investigator’s Digital Investigation workshop to discover privacy-focused solutions that fast-track the delivery of justice.

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FiFE 2023, Spain (21 September 2023)

Meet the team and see how our patented rapid imaging, intelligent triage and AI-powered analytics accelerate investigations by rapidly identifying, analysing and reporting on critical evidence from thousands of devices and apps.

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The 39th annual HTCIA Conference and Expo (19-21 September 2023)

Meet our team at booth #305 and see how our award-winning Unified Digital Forensics Platform unlocks vital evidence from thousands of devices and apps with patented rapid imaging technology, quick triage, AI-powered analytics and advanced workflow automation.

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