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The Digital Investigations Conference in Germany (25 June 2024)

Stop by our booth, meet the team and experience our award-winning digital forensics tools first-hand. Discover how they can help you eliminate backlogs and speed up investigations with record-breaking data extraction capabilities, swift and accurate triage, AI-powered analytics and intelligent workflow automation.

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The Midlands Regional Digital Investigation Workshop (12 July 2024)

Visit our booth for personalised demonstrations of our acclaimed digital forensics tools. Learn how our cutting-edge technology can streamline data acquisition, unlock data from numerous devices and apps, and harness AI analytics for faster evidence discovery and reporting.

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NATIA 2024 in Providence, Rhode Island (14-18 July 2024)

Join US special operations veteran Javis Olson and our friends at Teel Technologies to discover how the award-winning Detego Digital Forensics Platform can revolutionise your on-scene and lab-based investigations.

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IFOSS in Italy (14-20 July 2024)

Meet the team and discover how our award-winning Unified Digital Forensics Platform can help you reduce backlogs and improve case turnaround times.

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The 40th HTCIA Global Training Event in Las Vegas (22-25 July 2024)

Join us at HTCIA's 40th Annual Global Training event in Las Vegas. Attend our pre-conference training on 23 July, led by US Special Operations veteran Javis Olson, and visit our booth during the conference for personalised demos, free licenses, and exclusive merchandise. We can't wait to share our cutting-edge solutions...

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Explore Detego Global’s Game-Changing Tools for Rapid Triage and Selective Extractions (07 August 2024)

Join Detego Global’s experts as they showcase the company’s cutting-edge tools. Learn how these tools can revolutionise your approach to digital forensics triage. Discover how they safeguard the privacy of victims by enabling investigators to focus only on the data that’s relevant to investigations.

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Past Events

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Breaking Barriers in Digital Forensics and Incident Response with Detego (12 June 2024)

Join Detego Global’s experts for an in-depth exploration of the award-winning digital forensics platform that’s transforming the digital investigations space. Witness first-hand the capabilities of Ballistic Imager—the world’s fastest forensic imaging tool capable of extracting 1TB of data in under 8 minutes—and delve into other groundbreaking solutions, including Field Triage,...

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Techno Security East in Wilmington (04-06 June 2024)

Visit our booth and discover how our cutting-edge solutions can help you rapidly uncover critical evidence from thousands of devices and apps. Discover why Detego is the trusted choice of lab and field-based investigators in the military, law enforcement and the corporate sector.

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ISS World Europe (04-06 June 2024)

Stop by our booth to discover how our award-winning platform can help you unlock vital evidence from thousands of devices and apps by leveraging patented imaging technology, rapid triage, AI-powered analytics, and advanced workflow automation.

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