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Empowering border control teams to enhance security measures, boost compliance and safeguard expansive territories

In today’s increasingly digital world, border control teams face significant pressure to safeguard vast territories, enforce trade and travel regulations, and combat severe threats such as human trafficking and terrorism. Access to actionable data and the ability to swiftly extract, analyse and act on information from myriad devices have become more crucial than ever.

Detego Global’s Unified Platform is designed to equip border control teams with intelligent, proactive measures for border protection. It provides rapid access to critical insights from data across thousands of devices and applications. With its cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes, accessible through an intuitive interface, the Detego platform enables border control teams to elevate their investigations, uncover essential intelligence and make well-informed decisions with unparalleled speed and efficiency.


  • Extract and analyse data from thousands of devices and apps: Swiftly collect and examine vital data, ensuring accuracy and security without compromise.
  • Discover advanced insights: Accelerate evidence discovery with AI-powered semantic search, real-time translation and transcription, object detection, multi-language OCR, advanced steganography detection and more, all integrated into an easy-to-use platform.
  • Uncover hidden links: Leverage advanced link-building capabilities to uncover hidden connections between people, places, devices and cases.
  • Streamline efficiency and reduce backlogs: Automate and streamline investigative workflows, minimise training requirements and simplify complex investigations with our end-to-end solutions.
  • Enable non-technical staff to conduct forensically sound analyses: Our intuitive interface makes data extraction and analysis easy. It empowers team members of any skill level to contribute to casework in a forensically sound manner.
  • Centralise case management: Maintain comprehensive control over your exhibits and centrally monitor every aspect of investigations. 

Our solutions Include

  • Ballistic Imager

    The world's fastest forensic imaging tool with patented technology that enables you to rapidly secure data from computers, laptops and servers up to 4x faster than the average.

  • Field Triage

    A portable tool with patented technology that’s perfect for investigating data on computers, laptops, servers and loose media. It empowers frontline teams by identifying and alerting them about data related to investigations through a red-amber-green visual alert system.

  • Media Acquisition

    An intuitive tool that enables the simultaneous acquisition and analysis of data from multiple devices. Use Media Acquisition to acquire, analyse and act on critical data from removable media, mobile devices, computers and hard drives and make on-the-spot decisions by accessing live previews of the data being captured.

  • Detego MD

    Forensically secure and analyse data from tens of thousands of phone models (including branded and non-brand mobiles, smartphones and feature phones), over 2,000 apps, JTAG boards, SIM cards, drones and smart, IoT enabled devices.

  • Fusion

    This tool enables investigators to leverage AI-powered link-building capabilities to uncover connections between people, places, devices and cases.

  • Analyse Ai+

    Detego Analyse AI+ integrates all forensic acquisitions and leverages powerful AI analytics and automation to provide in-depth analysis, intelligence and court-ready reports. This solution comes with fully automated analytical workflows, semantic search, AI-powered object detection, face recognition, AI transcription and translation, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), photo DNA matching, password decryption (on more than 300 file types), MD5 and SHA1 hash matching and more.

  • Case Manager

    Detego Case Manager is a one-stop platform that enables the effective end-to-end management of investigations, incidents, risks, evidence and compliance. This fully customisable platform helps teams collaborate easily, follow procedures, minimise errors, improve productivity and securely store data related to investigations.

What our customers say

"As we were shown in the training, I was very quickly able to use the powerful object identification and text analytics engine and quickly filter in Detego® to narrow down what I was looking at. Detego® had automatically identified and sorted through a load of Photoshop files that just fell into the Gallery View! He (the suspect) had been manipulating passport scans.

Within an hour, I had bookmarked over a hundred files and produced a report. This will be crucial evidence when he goes to court. Without Detego®, this would have gone unnoticed".
Senior Investigating Officer (Investigating Organised Human trafficking in West Africa)
"The capability and usability provided by Detego uniquely fit our needs as a forward-leaning Military unit. We had several complex issues & capability gaps, which they have plugged and are helping to continually improve on.

The full deployment pack has enabled a simple single source for procurement and is a quantum leap forward in our Digital Exploit capability".
MOD Special Operations Senior Subject Matter Expert
"A quick note of thanks to Trevor and Matt for a great day's input on Detego® today. I am delighted to have added it to our capability and after today can see that it will quickly become our go-to tool. Far exceeds expectations and we will be working hard now to look at how we develop its use and when the dust settles what we can look to bolt on that we couldn’t afford this time.

Trevor and Matt are great ambassadors for your company and product".
Chief Inspector UK Police Force

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