"I have now used the Detego system for both a mobile phone and laptop on a custody job. I can say that the process is really simple for both computers and mobiles. The ability to see what apps are on the phone prior to download, and being able to pick and choose the apps to extract data from is really good.

The tool that extracts data from laptops is really good. I imaged a 128 GB drive in 9 minutes, compared to a much longer wait while using a competitor product. Also, Detego was able to find and extract m.2 SSD devices without any issues. I am not too sure why the solution I used before Detego had a problem finding these, but it just did not recognise pci-e drives.

The analysis function on Detego is far superior to the programme I used before. I have found its ability to determine various objects (drugs, firearms, skin, faces) to be good. Their support is on point too. I rang up and they instantly went through my issues and sorted them out in 30 mins".

Senior Crime Lab Manager

a UK police force

"The OCR capability of Detego on images has been fantastic! We are finding a lot of chats being screenshotted which we are then able to find through keyword searches, often discovering evidence of activity denied in the interview".

Senior Manager Cyber and Technology


“I just wanted to pass some news onto you. I went out with a search warrant this morning and did our first deployment of Detego on our suspect’s up and running computer.

Not only did I find the material needed, it also pulled the username and passwords matching the cyber tip in no time at all. Thank you again for your help throughout purchasing and training. I think we will be using this tool for quite some time”.

Chief Forensic Investigator

Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce

“As a media and cellular exploitation subject-matter expert and analyst within a technical military intelligence unit, it is imperative that the field teams provide me with the necessary data, even when situated in a hostile environment or at a tactical disadvantage.

With minimal training on Detego Ballistic Imager and Field Triage kits, field teams were able to do this in a timely and standardised fashion. Detego Field and Ballistic Imager are solid tools for tactical media exploitation and are also very user-friendly”.


Swedish MOD Exploitation unit

"As I approach retirement and my last post as ILO Eastern Caribbean I have had chance to reflect on the relationships that I have developed both in the region and back in the UK.

One contact that I was fortunate enough to be referred to by my predecessor is the MCMS Business Development Director Andy Lister.

A key element to our mission in the Eastern Caribbean is to provide forward looking support in relation to the forensic recovery, analysis and presentation of digital data. Andy has assisted me throughout my 4 year posting and has helped me develop a Digital Forensic lab that is now servicing the requirements of all 7 RSS Countries. From our first meeting I was impressed with Andy’s expert knowledge on the subject, however I was even more impressed by his practical experience and his pragmatic approach to the use of the MCMS products in an operational environment.

I later had the benefit of seeing Andy demonstrate the products and provide the training to my teams. His highly professional presentation skills and his clear leadership abilities left the team with a thorough understanding of both the theory and the practical requirements of the product.

In relation to the Detego® field kits that Andy recommended we purchased for the teams. I have found that this product (when delivered with the high quality training as above) meets the present requirements of the region and because of the ongoing support offered by Andy to the students, has constantly evolved to meet new challenges. The kit has been used constantly in both field deployments and within the DFL in a wide variety of criminal investigations and serious organised crime intelligence gathering operations. Whilst the laboratory has the benefit of several different digital forensic products the option to use Detego in the field by operators with varying levels of knowledge has been a real bonus.

The ‘backroom’ staff at MCMS made what was previously a vey difficult procurement process very user friendly and allowed me to focus on my operational priorities. The ongoing support and maintenance was also very welcome.

As I conclude my posting, I would like to thank Andy and the MCMS team for their support and professionalism during my posting, I will certainly be passing on Andy’s contact details to my successor".

Retiring ILO Officer

"The capability and usability provided by Detego® uniquely fits our needs as a forward-leaning military unit. We had several complex issues & capability gaps which they have plugged and are helping to continually improve on. The full deployment pack has enabled a simple single source for procurement and is a quantum leap forward in our digital exploit capability".

Senior Subject Matter Expert

MOD Special Operations

"A quick note of thanks to Trevor and Matt for a great day's input on Detego® today.

I am delighted to have added it to our capability and after today can see that it will quickly become our go-to tool. Far exceeds expectations and we will be working hard now to look at how we develop its use and when the dust settles what we can look to bolt on that we couldn’t afford this time.

Trevor and Matt are great ambassadors for your company and product".

Chief Inspector

UK Police Force

"As we were shown in the training, I was very quickly able to use the powerful object identification and text analytics engine and quickly filter in Detego® to narrow down what I was looking at. Detego® had automatically identified and sorted through a load of Photoshop files that just fell into the Gallery View! He (the suspect) had been manipulating passport scans.

Within an hour, I had bookmarked over a hundred files and produced a report. This will be crucial evidence when he goes to court. Without Detego®, this would have gone unnoticed".

Senior Investigating Officer

(Investigating Organised Human trafficking in West Africa)

"Your kit made all the difference in the first few days. Most, if not all of the reports (forensic output reports) that we saw, had been done on your stuff".

Senior International Counter Terrorism Command (SO15) Investigators

(Investigating 2019 Nairobi Terror Attack)

"Thank you very much for the excellent training. I must say I really enjoyed the training and the feedback I got from the cohort was that it was the best ever, an eye opener and that it answered many of their unanswered questions.

You provided examples of experience, excellent material backed up by exercises. Where material was more complex, you supported this by explaining it further doing demos etc. The training was well articulated that we were ready to go on and on and on.

I hope you will be available for future training should the trained officers be moved about to ensure that the new officers are able to carry on  with the task".

Local FCO Officer

"I would like to thank you for the great training opportunity that just ended.

I have to admit this was an eye opener for me on digital forensics and analysis. All this made possible with the Detego® software that has excellent tools and easy to use interface - it is actually very user-friendly".

Immigration Officer

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