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Enable fast imaging over a networked environment

Explore Remote Acquisition from Detego, a lightweight solution that taps into our patented, rapid imaging technology to enable fast imaging over a networked environment.

Forensically secure system information, RAM data, usernames and passwords, internet artefacts and physical images from endpoints. Enjoy the added flexibility of being able to resume extractions from previous cut-off points in the event of network failures/drops.

Remote Acquisition enables your teams to:

  • Gather data through network agents that can be deployed in covert or normal modes
  • Install network agents manually or remotely via Windows Remote Management
  • Trigger targeted data extractions or simply create a complete physical image directly from Detego Analyse
  • Forensically secure system profiles, RAM data, usernames, passwords and information on online activity
  • Remotely image storage media that’s plugged into networked computers or laptops

Fast data extraction over the network

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