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Enable fast imaging over networked environments

Explore Remote Acquisition, a lightweight solution that leverages our rapid imaging technology to enable fast and secure data extractions over networked environments.

Easily capture crucial system details, RAM contents, user credentials, browser history, cryptocurrency data, and complete physical images from endpoints – all while enjoying the flexibility of resuming extractions from cut-off points in the event of network failures or drops.

  • Gather data through network agents that can be deployed manually or remotely via Windows Remote Management
  • Trigger targeted data extractions or create complete physical images directly from Detego Analyse AI+
  • Remotely extract live RAM data without the need for physical access to the target device
  • Effortlessly conduct selective extractions by targeting specific user directories, folders, disks, or custom paths
  • Gain granular control by setting global extraction size limits for logical extractions
  • Remotely image storage media plugged into networked computers or laptops

Trusted by global enterprises, Remote Acquisition helps combat serious crimes, including fraud, modern slavery, harassment and data theft. Our solutions deliver accurate results even when deployed in challenging conditions.

Fast data extraction over the network

Data Extraction Solution

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