Detego 4.4: Download Our Latest Release Today

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Detego® version 4.4 is available for download today from the Detego Secure Portal.

This new version brings a User Interface refresh and additional features to both Detego® Analyse and Detego Field Triage. It also adds multi-language OCR support and foreign language translation. We have further improved our Detego® & Hancom integration and made additional system updates.

We look forward to you downloading this new version and putting it through its paces.


Detego® Version 4.4 Highlights

Detego® Analyse User Interface Refresh

The Exhibit Content Screen includes the addition of grouped headers for easier categorisation of device information.

The jobs display window has been refreshed and the ‘View Results’ and ‘View Report’ quick link buttons added.

  • We have made improvements to how your data is displayed in the results window, for faster and smoother browsing.
  • Filtering through your data is even more intuitive with filters being grouped into ‘Main Filters’ and ‘Other Available Filters.’ If you use the same filter combinations, saving and loading filter sets will dramatically improve your processing times.
  • We have improved how tagged data is displayed in the evidence browser. This maximises visibility of both the evidence thumbnail as well as the tag.

Multi-language Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Detego® Analyse extends the already powerful Optical Character Recognition feature that allows the investigator to recognize and index text data contained in extracted pictures.
  • Through the new multi-language OCR feature, Detego will now recognize text in Arabic, Swedish, Urdu, French, Russian and Spanish with more languages available for download.
  • The recognised text can be viewed in the Omniviewer.
  • The investigator is now able to find these non-English words when keyword searches are run against extracted data.


Foreign Language Translation powered by Rosoka

Detego® Analyse now integrates the Rosoka Software to perform GIST translation on indexed text for non-English languages.

  • This new analytical process will detect and translate text in documents written in a non-English language (to English).
  • Combined with the multiple-language OCR analytical job, we can translate foreign language text extracted from your images.
  • The translated text can be viewed within the Omniviewer.


Detego® & Hancom Integration Update:

  • Automatic Extraction Imports:
    MD-NEXT Mobile phone extractions are automatically started from within Detego® Analyse and are seamlessly imported into Detego once the extraction is completed.
  • Manual Extraction Imports: Manually import previously extracted MD-NEXT MDF or MD-RED SQLite phone data into your Detego® Analyse system for advanced analysis.


Detego® Field Improvements

  • UI Updates: The Main Config, Job Creator, Additional Settings and Finish pages have all seen UI improvements. 
  • WhatsApp for Web Parser: A WhatsApp for Web application parser has been added to the Internet Artefacts and Password Finder jobs for both live Windows and macOS.
  • Microsoft Edge Browser Support: Extract Internet artefacts from the new chromium based Microsoft Edge browser for both live Windows and macOS. A password finder job has also been added for both live Windows and macOS.
  • P2P and Cloud Programs: We now import a system default keyword list containing cloud applications and P2P programs.
  • Offline RAM on Windows: Offline RAM is now available on a live Windows target.
  • Decreased Performance Warning: We have added an alert to inform the operator of potential decreased performance when a target device is not connected to an external power source.


Additional System Updates

  • Safe and Unsafe Tagged Evidence: Thumbnails of pictures and video tagged with an ‘Unsafe Tag’ will be blurred on the evidence browser and you will be prompted to click a button to show the media when opened in the Omniviewer.
  • Detego® Reports Improvements: Greater customization updates have been added to the Detego® Reports module. Features such as adding agency or organisation branding, saving reports to Microsoft Word or PDF are among the new customization options now available.
  • UFDR Importer Improvements: The importer for .ufdr files has been re-built to improve performance and stability.
  • Terrorism Related Symbol Detection: New analytics job to detect terrorism related symbols in images.