An Industry First All-In-One Solution Since 2018

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In 2018 Detego released an industry first All-In-One solution for data triage, rapid imaging & analytics from Windows, Linux & Apple Computers. Since then, it has been enhanced with leading Mobile Extraction and Analysis Technology and many more features. 

London England January 8th, 2021: Detego, a leading digital forensics software solution for law enforcement, military and enterprise organisations, has confirmed new outstanding additions to its Detego all in one system. Having already identified as far back as 2018, the need for a powerful, fast, unified, single product to assist investigators, in 2020 Detego once again moved ahead of the pack.

Talking from their HQ in the United Kingdom, Global Sales and Marketing Director, JP Backwell commented, “Driven by end-user requirements, Detego remains the most all-inclusive technology available to investigators today. We are pleased to not only enable investigators to rapidly extract and analyse data from Apple, Windows and Linux computers but have added world-leading exploit technology, enabling further extraction from tens of thousands of Mobile phones, including many of the most modern locked devices and encrypted files, all delivered within the industry’s most cost-effective package.”

Detego has evolved quietly in the background as a cutting-edge Digital Forensics toolset, used globally by Government and Law Enforcement Agencies, Military Special Operations Teams and Enterprise Organisations. Recently, Detego released its capabilities to the DFIR community and supported many ICAC and child exploitation events and securing it as a future leader in this field with its latest Version 4.5 release.

Andy Lister, Detego’s Global Business Development Director, commented, “Detego combines Live (and Dead-Box) Field and Lab Triage for computers, with a patented rapid Imaging system that is 4 x faster than its closest equivalent competitor. Factor in leading mobile extraction and analysis, a single user interface with automated lab profiles, link analysis, translation for foreign languages across all device types, cloud data extraction and analysis, drones, CCTV, IoT devices – the list goes on, and it is clear why Detego is already trending globally and remains a step ahead in terms of end-to-end capability.”

Whether you work in the Field or the Lab, on cases related to Counter Terror, IP Theft, Human Trafficking, Child Exploitation or even Corporate Investigations, we encourage you to ask for a Detego Demonstration or Trial. Learn what Detego can do for you and your organisation, and why so many Users see Detego as the best ‘Value’ all-in-one solution delivered with world-leading Support and Subject Matter Experts for assistance.  

Keep an eye on Detego in 2021, with more exciting features, capability, and collaborative partnerships to be announced soon.