Detego Global’s Field Triage Solution Selected as a Finalist for UK’s Defence and Security Innovation Award

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Detego Global, the creators of the acclaimed unified digital investigations platform has been selected as a finalist for the UK’s Defence and Security Innovation award presented by ADS. This prestigious award recognises the innovative capabilities and services developed by UK security companies, and is designed to identify capabilities that have caused a step-change in the effectiveness of the UK’s ability to prevent, respond to, and reduce the impact of or investigate risks and incidents.

Detego’s Field Triage solution is the only digital forensics solution to be shortlisted for this prestigious award. Selected by a panel comprising government officials and senior industry representatives, Field Triage was chosen due to its ability to empower investigation teams across the UK and beyond with cutting-edge technology that enables snap decision-making.

Field Triage empowers investigators in both lab and field-based environments to rapidly scan devices for suspicious material without running expansive data extraction processes. The solution’s intuitive design and industry-leading Red Amber Green triage feature, which has secured a patent in the United States, reduces the strain on senior investigators and specialist labs by enabling team members with little-to-no technical experience to carry out procedurally sound first-level investigations on computers, laptops, servers and loose media devices.

This solution aids teams to adapt to changes in data, devices and encryption technologies without an additional training burden and ensures there is minimal skill fade among users –helping bridge the gap between the rapid growth in digital devices and a much slower paced increase in digital forensic expertise.

Field Triage’s lightweight footprint means it can be deployed anywhere using USB sticks and other types of loose media. Detego’s Field Triage allows users to customise keywords based on the type of investigation, enabling the solution to be deployed across a wide range of investigations relating to terrorism, Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (CSAE), Indecent Images Of Children (IIOC)/Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC), human trafficking, financial crime and insider threats, while supporting the Child Abuse Image Database (CAID) and Project VIC. With its ability to make matches rapidly, an entire computer can be scanned in under 15 minutes.

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