Detego: The secret weapon for Digital Investigators (24 March 2022)

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Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: March 24, 2022 – 12pm ET / 9am PT
Event Website: Microsoft Teams


About the Webinar:

Join Detego Global’s very own Andrew Lister and the team at Teel Technologies for a fast-paced webinar on Detego, the digital forensic toolkit that offers not only the fastest imaging speeds on the market but also offers  advanced mobile extractions, robust triaging & analytics. Borne out of the Special Operations environment, where comprehensive, yet immediate results are required to succeed, the Detego technology has also become the choice of digital forensic labs across the world to help expedite critical cases.

Detego’s ease of use and efficient processing of data, on target and in the lab, has made it the standard for Special Operations DOMEX groups worldwide, and a growing number of state and local labs required to save resources (man-hours and dollars) while maintaining the highest-level forensic capabilities.


In this one-hour webinar, participants will get an overview of Detego’s primary features such as:

  • Imaging a 1 TB drive in less than 8 mins without removing the drive.
  • Running multiple investigative forensic tasks at once on numerous suspect devices and cases, simultaneously.
  • Auto ID items of interest in your investigations: weapons, cars, narcotics, people, skin, face, terrorist symbiological, ICAC & more.
  • Investigate Windows, Mac, Linux, drones / UAVs, IOS & Android mobiles, tablets and all removable media types and drives
  • See how Detego handles pin locked Samsung S7,8,9,&10s & other difficult devices with its integrated with Hancom Mobile Device Forensic tool.
  • Password decryption, Detego A.I, OCR, Photo DNA, Video Analytics, offline Maps, translation, steganography detection, text indexing and so much more….



One lucky attendee will receive a 6-month license for the Detego Ultimate suite which includes: Detego Ballistic Imager, Field Triage, Media Acquisition, Fusion for Link Analysis and the powerful Detego Analyse System.