Detego Specialist Training at IACIS 2022 (25-29 April 2022)

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Event Location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Event Dates: 25th – 29th April, 2022.
Event Website:


Join the Detego team in Orlando for Certified Detego Training on Detego Analyse, Detego Field Triage and Detego Ballistic Imager.

When you book a place for this certificated course, you’re grabbing a front-row seat to learn how to get the most out of Detego’s Unified Investigations Platform for your organisation! You can expect to walk away with a better understanding of how you can: 

  • Drive greater efficiencies by unlocking the full power of your Detego Digital Forensics platform in both lab-based and field-based environments.
  • Fast-track investigations with Ballistic Imager – the world’s fastest imaging technology.
  • Forensically secure data from a range of devices including mobile phones, removable media and computers.
  • Empower your field-based investigation teams by leveraging Detego’s patented Field Triage technology.
  • Tap into AI and patented technology to accelerate investigations across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS platforms.
  • Conduct fast, filtered and forensically sound acquisitions and analyses irrespective of the case or type(s) of media.


About IACIS:

The event is organised by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists, an International non-profit organization providing Digital Forensic Training and Certification.

IACIS was formed in 1990 and has approximately 3000 members in 70 countries.

This event will be attended by over 750 active digital forensic professionals from around the globe and we are looking forward to introducing them to the Detego Forensics platform.