Detego v4.10: Download our Latest Release Today

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We are excited to announce that version 4.10 of Detego is now live!

Benefit from significant changes to Analyse and Field, along with some system-wide UI changes that deliver improved ease of use. With this latest update, we have introduced a cloud-based install manager and a remote acquisition feature. We have also made Detego available in Spanish.

Detego version 4.10 is available for download from the Detego Secure Portal.

Some of the key updates/additions include:

Install Manager

  • This new cloud-based installer simplifies the installation of Detego’s solutions/modules and offers easy-to-use automation features

Updates to Detego Analyse

  • Remote Acquisition (enables secure data extraction over the network)
  • Spanish UI localisation (with more languages to be added soon)
  • New screen recording capability for improved reporting
  • Simple and easy-to-use Ballistic and Field Imports
  • Prompts on Bad Sectors during the importation of images
  • UI updates for improved ease of use

Updates to Detego Field

  • New Internet History Report functionality
  • A new Additional Jobs tab to prioritise tasks +  new Extract Folder option
  • Ability to carry out keyword matching on carved data
  • Windows Artefacts Breakdown functionality to include/exclude items from extractions
  • Ability to highlight keywords on Internet Artefact data
  • Amendments to the Disk Inspector Workflow
  • New Selection Options for Windows’ Advanced Artefacts
  • Spanish Language Support
  • UI updates for improved ease of use