Rapid imaging, on scene and over the network with Detego’s Unified Platform (22 June 2022)

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Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: 22 June 2022 – 12:00 GST
Event Website: Register Here

About the Webinar:

Join this fast-paced webinar and discover how you can leverage Detego’s tools to enable the rapid extraction and analysis of data, on-scene and over networked environments. 

Covering Detego’s solutions ranging from Ballistic Imager, the world’s fastest forensic imaging tool through to Remote Acquisition, Media Acquisition and Analyse, this session will explore how investigations can be fast-tracked with AI-driven analytical tools and automation features.

The audience will also get key insights into how Detego’s Unified Investigations Platform is used by elite law enforcement, military and corporate investigators to carry out time-critical investigations around the world.

Solutions covered include:

Ballistic Imager: With its globally patented technology, Ballistic Imager has become the go-to solution for rapid data acquisition from computers, laptops and servers. Used in the field and in labs, Ballistic Imager can forensically secure 1 TB of data in less than 8 minutes – offering speeds that are 4x faster than the average, making it the world’s fastest imaging tool.

Remote Acquisition: Taps into our patented, rapid imaging technology to enable fast imaging over a networked environment. Forensically secure system information, RAM data, usernames and passwords, internet artefacts and physical images from endpoints. Enjoy the added flexibility of being able to resume extractions from previous cut-off points in the event of network failures/drops.

Media Acquisition: Fast-tracks investigations by simultaneously securing and analysing data from multiple removable devices (loose media), computers, hard drives (HDD & SSDs) and mobile devices, while providing live views of the data being captured.

Detego Analyse: Integrates all forensic acquisitions through this central platform and leverages powerful AI and automation features to provide in-depth analysis, intelligence, and court-ready reports. This solution comes complete with custom, fully-automated analytical workflows, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Photo DNA matching, password decryption (on more than 300 file types), M5 & SHA1 hash matching and much more.