Fast Track Field and Lab-Based Investigations with Detego: A Unified Approach to Forensics on Computers, Phones, and More (4 August 2022)

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Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: 4 August, 2022 – 11:00 CST
Event Website: Register Here

About the Webinar:

The increased volume of digital devices that need to be processed for any investigation continues to strain field and lab-based investigation teams globally. Case backlogs have become the order of the day due across the board. Add inefficiencies in the investigation process to the manually intensive nature of digital forensic investigations, and many investigation teams are drowning in unprocessed cases. 

With these challenges in mind, we are pleased to host a one-hour webinar with Digital Intelligence to showcase cutting-edge tools that enable investigations teams to rapidly acquire data from different digital device types, analyze data using AI-powered analytics and eliminate bottlenecks in their investigations process; therefore, reducing backlogs. 

Join us to see how Detego can help speed up your investigations.

The second webinar will cover:

Media Acquisition: Fast-tracks investigations by simultaneously securing and analyzing data from multiple removable devices (loose media), computers, hard drives (HDD & SSDs) and mobile devices, while providing live views of the data being captured.

Detego MD: Combines Hancom’s leading data extraction and decryption capability with Detego Analyse’s robust analytics, automation and reporting to provide data extraction and analysis on more than 15,000 phones (including branded and non-brand mobiles), over 2,000  apps and data from drones and smart devices.

Detego Analyse: Integrates all forensic acquisitions through this central platform and leverages powerful AI and automation features to provide in-depth analysis, intelligence and court-ready reports. This solution comes complete with custom, fully-automated analytical workflows, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Photo DNA matching, password decryption (on more than 300 file types), M5 & SHA1 hash matching and much more.

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