How Detego Helped one of the World’s Biggest Online Retailers Better Manage Internal Investigations and Risks

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The background

Our client* is one of the biggest e-commerce businesses in the world that also has an extensive focus on artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The company’s UK operation employs more than 50,000 people across a network of nationwide delivery stations, and customer service, development and fulfilment centres.

Due to the complex nature of its logistical operations which sees millions of products processed each month, the company’s e-commerce division was regularly met with internal and external threats including theft, arson and sabotage. While the company invested heavily on an internal investigations team, there were significant barriers to their success arising from resource limitations, dependence on disparate systems, a lack of documented procedures and case backlogs.


The company needed an all-in-one solution that could drive efficiencies by automating tasks and ensuring that company-wide policies were followed when carrying out investigations. The customer chose Detego’s Case Manager due to its user-friendliness, advanced automation functionality and ability to create custom workflows based on the company’s policies and procedures.


Detego’s Case Manager provided investigations teams with a single cloud-based platform that enabled them to create, assign and manage cases collaboratively.

The team was able to map out processes for individual case types, ensuring that set procedures were followed. Case Manager’s automation features helped generate automatic alerts when an incident was recorded – saving investigators valuable time. The simple, easy-to-use interface and the clearly documented workflows enabled even the more junior members of the team to carry out comprehensive investigations that were in line with the company’s policies.

Implementing Case Manager helped the teams see a drastic reduction in investigation lead times, provided better visibility of ongoing cases and enabled better collaboration across the board. Case turnaround times were reduced by 37% and investigators were able to respond to incidents up to five times faster thanks to Detego Case Manager’s automated alert generation and escalation capabilities.

*This case study was anonymised due to the sensitive nature of the investigations carried out by the customer.