Stop Fraud in its Tracks with Detego’s Award-Winning Technology (16 November 2022)

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Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: 16 November, 2022 – 11:00 GMT 
Event Website: Register Here

About the Webinar:

We know that investigating fraud is no easy task.

Enhanced encryption, increasing backlogs and the increasing number of devices that need to be investigated can make the process overwhelming. Fortunately, we can help!

Whether you’re investigating corporate fraud, insider trading or asset misappropriation, our all-in-one investigations platform can support you every step of the way. Rapidly extract, analyse and act on data from 1,000s of devices and apps, accelerate the delivery of justice with court-ready reports, and manage investigations, evidence and processes end-to-end!

Join our Global Sales Director, Alex Kirk as he takes you through our solutions and detail how you can fast-track fraud investigations, reduce backlogs and access critical data from computers, laptops, loose media, smart devices and mobile phones including burner phones.

Learn more about:

Detego’s all-in-one Investigations platform which includes:

  • Ballistic Imager – The world’s fastest imaging tool with patented technology that enables investigators to capture 1TB of data from computers, laptops and servers in less than 8 minutes
  • Field Triage –  A portable tool that rapidly identifies files related to investigations and provides instant alerts without running time-consuming data extraction and analytical processes
  • Media Acquisition –  Fast-tracks investigations by simultaneously securing and analysing data from multiple removable devices (loose media), while providing live views of the data being captured
  • Remote Acquisition  –  Helps secure system information, RAM data, usernames and passwords, internet artefacts and physical images from endpoints connected to a network
  • Detego MD – Unlocks and extracts data from 10,000s of mobile phone models, IoT-enabled devices, drones, more than 2,000 apps and more
  • Detego Analyse – Integrates all forensic acquisitions and leverages powerful AI and automation features to promptly provide in-depth analysis, intelligence and court-ready reports
  • Detego Fusion – Helps build detailed intelligence on cases with advanced link analysis while exposing valuable connections between places, people, cases and devices.




  • Case Manager – A one-stop platform that enables the effective end-to-end management of investigations, incidents, risks, evidence and compliance. Our fully customisable technology helps teams to collaborate easily, follow procedures, minimise errors, improve productivity and securely store and manage evidence that’s critical to investigations.


Every participant will get a free, fully functional 30-day trial of Detego’s award-winning Unified Digital Forensics Platform.