Detego v4.11: Download our Latest Release Today

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We’re proud to announce the release of version 4.11 of our award-winning Unified Digital Forensics Platform.

We have rolled out significant changes to Detego Analyse (including Portable Viewer and Media Acquisition) and Detego Field.

These changes deliver faster extraction and processing speeds, rapid hash matching, improved ease of use, greater security and streamlined reporting.

Download v4.11 from our Secure Portal to experience these benefits first hand.

Changes to Detego Analyse
  • A new format for hash lists to deliver rapid acquisition speeds
  • Encrypted hash lists to provide enhanced security
  • Updates to Media Acquisition to deliver improved keyword matching, header checking speeds and overall performance
  • New display options for Image Detection results
  • A revised version of Portable Viewer to provide better alignment with features on Detego Analyse
  • Support for the import and export of XAMN exhibits
  • A new MD-LIVE importer for faster exhibit processing


Changes to Detego Field
  • Support for Brave, Vivaldi and Epic privacy browsers
  • Selective drive extraction on pre-scan extraction and scan analysis
  • Improved reporting on Personally Identifiable information
  • The storage of hash lists in individual databases
  • BitLocker Decryption
  • More detailed reporting on hash matches
  • The ability to view PowerPoint files in Results Viewer and Disk Inspector
  • Improved visibility of keyword hits next to keyword lists
  • Easier access to Recycle Bin extractions
  • Acquisition of data determined by modified timestamp parameters
  • Significant improvements to Disk Inspector
  • More detailed information on Profile Previews

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