Detego Global’s Specialist Training At IACIS 2023 (24-28 April 2023)

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Event Location: Caribe Royale, Hotel, Orlando, Florida
Event Dates: 24-28 April, 2023
Event Website:  IACIS



Join our certified training that enables investigators to leverage the full power of Detego’s Digital Forensics tools in both lab and field-based environments. Covering the fundamentals of each acquisition and analytical feature, the training details how Detego’s solutions help users to carry out rapid logical and physical data acquisition from range of devices including computers, mobiles, drones and removable devices.

The programme also provides a deep-dive into how investigators can leverage Detego’s AI-powered analytical tools to fast-track investigations and carry out thorough, multi-stage data analysis using features such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Photo DNA, Hash and keyword matching, smart object detection and more.

Upon completion, participants will gain the knowledge to carry out thorough, procedurally sound investigations in any setting and learn how to leverage Detego’s workflow automation and AI-powered tools to minimise backlogs and solve cases faster.

Course Description and more details can be found HERE


The event is organised by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists, an International non-profit organisation providing Digital Forensic Training and Certification.

IACIS was formed in 1990 and has approximately 3000 members in 70 countries. This event will be attended by hundreds of active digital forensic professionals from around the globe.