The 7th annual SWE Digital Forensics and Exploit event (25 – 26 May 2023)

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Event Location: Best Western Kom Hotel, Stockholm
Event Dates: 25 – 26 May, 2023
Event Website: Register for free

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with our long-standing partner, Hi2 Consulting, to present the 7th annual SWE Digital Forensics and Exploit event. Join us for this free, two-day event to see how our digital forensics technology is revolutionising investigations in the military, law enforcement, and corporate sectors.

The first day of the event will feature a specialised training session led by the Detego team. This session will focus on our acclaimed Detego MD and Detego Analyse tools. Participants will learn how to utilise Detego MD to extract data from tens of thousands of phone models including burner and feature phones. They’ll also discover how Detego’s AI-powered analytics and advanced workflow automation capabilities can help them rapidly pinpoint data that’s essential to their investigations.

The second day of the event will feature presentations on the latest advancements in digital forensics technology, including updates to Detego Global’s award-winning Unified Digital Forensics Platform. Participants will also hear from Hi2 Consulting’s technology partners and learn how to use these advancements to streamline investigations and achieve better outcomes in the lab and the field.

This event offers a unique opportunity to learn from experts and network with other professionals in the digital investigations space. Click here to register for free.