Accelerate Your Mobile Investigations: Detego’s Tech for Rapid Data Extraction & Analysis (21 June 2023)

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Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: 21 June, 2023 (Noon – 12:50 GMT)
Event Website:  Register now

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly intertwined with criminal activities, enabling predators, human traffickers and terrorists to carry out illicit operations.

We understand that the need for quick access to data from mobile devices is crucial in the fight against crime. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive solution to enable investigators to rapidly access and analyse data from thousands of mobile phone models.

Join us for an exclusive presentation at The Investigator’s Mobile Device Investigative Opportunities workshop and get a first-hand look at the capabilities of Detego MD, MD-Live and Detego Analyse.

Discover how you can swiftly secure and analyse data from thousands of phones, including branded and non-branded mobiles, smartphones and feature phones, with Detego MD.

See how MD-Live empowers you to gather crucial information for investigations on any smartphone, enabling swift logical extractions both on-scene and in lab-based environments. Gain quick access to recently deleted messages, maintain control through smartphone screen mirroring, and seamlessly record and capture evidence directly from any mobile device.

That’s not all; you’ll see how Detego Analyse can integrate all forensic acquisitions and leverage robust AI analytics and automation features to provide in-depth analysis, intelligence, and court-ready reports.

Join us to gain invaluable insights and advance your investigative capabilities.

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About The Investigator’s Mobile Device Investigative Opportunities workshop

Tailored for investigators and analysts working in digital roles or seeking to expand their knowledge, this event offers valuable insights into the strategic integration of mobile devices within digital strategies and their significant contributions to investigations.