Mastering DFIR: A Deep Dive into Detego Global’s Award-Winning Technology (22 June 2023)

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Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: 22 June, 2023
Event Website:  Register for free

Ready to take your DFIR skills to the next level? Make sure you register for our exclusive webinar for Detego users across North America. 

Join us for a deep dive into our technology, complete with insights into how you can make the most of your Detego trial or license. 

We’ll walk you through the key functions of each tool, highlight best practices adopted by elite investigators in the military, law enforcement and corporate sectors, and provide practical tips to help you eliminate backlogs and close cases faster.

The solutions covered include:

Ballistic Imager: A finalist for the coveted Best Computer Forensic Solution award by SC Magazine in 2022, this tool uses patented technology to secure data from computers, laptops, and servers 4x faster than the industry standard.

Field Triage: Winner of the UK’s Security and Innovation award in 2022, this portable tool is ideal for investigating data on a variety of devices. Its patented alert system allows you to quickly identify data that’s critical to investigations.

Media Acquisition: A finalist for the sought-after Best Computer Forensic Solution award by SC Magazine this year, Media Acquisition rapidly collects and analyses data from multiple removable devices simultaneously.

Detego MD: With Detego MD, you can quickly extract data from thousands of mobile phone models, drones, IoT devices, mobile applications and more.

Detego Fusion: This offers accurate data analysis and AI-powered tools to connect the dots between people, places, devices, and cases.

Detego Analyse: Harness the power of AI to automatically analyse digital information and data quickly, transforming diverse data sources into comprehensive, court-ready reports.