Redefining Justice: Exploring the Transformative Impact of Detego Global’s Acclaimed Digital Forensics Tools (22 August 2023)

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Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: 22 August, 2023 (11:00 AM ET)
Event Website: Register for free


Join Javis Olson and Mike Bates, veterans from the military and law enforcement sectors, for an insider’s view of how Detego eliminates bottlenecks and accelerates the resolution of cases in any setting.

Get a detailed look at the recently launched Detego Analyse AI+ and its ground-breaking features, including the AI-semantic search and powerful similar image search functions that can eliminate hours of manual data sifting. See how Analyse AI+ translates and transcribes audio and video in real-time – helping you pinpoint critical evidence in minutes!

You will also get a detailed look at the award-winning solutions that make up the acclaimed Unified Digital Forensics Platform. Trusted by investigators around the world, it’s the go-to tool for investigating complex cases, ranging from fraud and child abuse to human trafficking and terrorism. These include:

  • Ballistic Imager: Selected as a finalist for the coveted Best Computer Forensic Solution award by SC Magazine in 2022, this tool leverages patented technology to rapidly secure data from computers, laptops, and servers 4x faster than the industry average. (Helping investigators secure 1TB in under 8 minutes)
  • Field Triage: The winner of the UK’s Security and Innovation award, this highly portable tool is perfect for investigating data on a range of devices, including computers, laptops and loose media. It uses a patented red-amber-green visual alert system to identify and alert users about data related to investigations without running extensive data extraction and analytical processes.
  • Media Acquisition: Picked as a finalist for this year’s Best Computer Forensic Solution award by SC Magazine, Media Acquisition streamlines investigations by rapidly and simultaneously analyzing, collecting and securing data from various removable devices.
  • Detego MD: Users can quickly and easily extract data from tens of thousands of mobile phone models, as well as a variety of drones, wearables, IoT devices and mobile applications with Detego MD.
  • Detego Fusion: This tool enables any investigator to rapidly build reports, with accurate data analysis and AI-powered tools to help identify missing links between people, places, devices and cases.

Join the webinar and discover how you take your on-scene and lab-based investigations to the next level with rapid forensic imaging, fast and accurate triage, advanced link building and intelligent automation capabilities from Detego.  

Every participant will get a free, fully functional 30-day trial of Detego’s award-winning Unified Digital Forensics Platform.