Techno Security West (11-13 September 2023)

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Event Location: Booth 110, Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA, USA
Event Dates: 11-13 September, 2023
Event Website: Techno Security

Come see us in Pasadena at Techno Security’s new west coast location as we showcase Detego’s cutting-edge technology to swiftly gather critical evidence from 1,000s of digital devices, including computers, phones, loose media, smart devices, drones and much more.

Stop by our booth to see first-hand why the DETEGO UNIFIED DIGITAL FORENSICS PLATFORM is the go-to toolset to rapidly extract, analyse and report on critical data, eliminate investigation backlogs and solve cases faster.

Pick up our unique marketing merchandise from our booth and stand the chance of winning licenses worth $10,000 and Garmin smartwatches. See you there!


Join our exclusive presentation at Techno Security West

Advancing Digital Forensics: Efficient Approaches for On-Scene Investigations

When: September 11, from 4:00 – 5:00 PM | Ballroom G

In light of the increasing involvement of digital devices in criminal activities and the exponential growth of data generated by such devices, it is imperative for investigators to explore advanced approaches in digital forensics that are both efficient and compliant with evolving legal requirements. This session will provide insights into the benefits of incorporating modern forensic imaging techniques, digital forensics triage and automated analytics during on-scene investigations. 

Facilitated by an experienced Special Operations veteran and former senior law enforcement professional with nearly three decades of experience, this session will highlight how investigators can leverage open-source tools and contemporary techniques to address challenges such as data silos, the preservation of critical evidence, increasing calls for privacy and the mounting burden on digital forensic laboratories.

The focus will be on conducting essential investigation elements directly on-scene, reducing reliance on lab-based teams and methodologies.


About Techno Security

For over 23 years, Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference has been the most important gathering of private and government attendees dedicated to the digital forensics and computer security industries. But Techno is more than a conference. It’s where the community comes together to learn, network and share (laughs included!).