Detego v4.12: Download our Latest Release Today

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We’re proud to announce the release of version 4.12 of our award-winning Unified Digital Forensics Platform. 

In addition to making Detego’s UI available in Japanese, we’ve rolled out some significant enhancements to enable you to crush backlogs and take your on-scene and lab-based investigations to the next level.
Download v4.12 from our Secure Portal to experience these benefits first hand.

These latest enhancements enable you to:

  • Enjoy record-setting data acquisition speeds with the updated Ballistic Imager
  • Resume paused or skipped Ballistic Imager acquisitions with ease
  • Rapidly extract RAM data using Ballistic Imager
  • Experience hash-matching speeds that are significantly faster than before
  • Benefit from more detailed reports in Detego Field
  • Choose OCR processing jobs based on the desired level of speed or detail
  • Streamline investigations with enhancements to logical extractions and carving speeds
  • Experience faster data access and report-building with the new intuitive report builder and viewer
  • Fast-track installations using the new Installation Wizard in Install Manager
  • Enjoy improved interoperability with the new MSAB XRY importer and exporter


Please download our release notes for a comprehensive list of our enhancements to Detego Analyse and Field. 

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