Detego Global Partners with Pilgrim Bandits to Support Injured Veterans in Epic Himalayan Adventure

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Detego Global is proud to announce a new partnership with Pilgrim Bandits, a UK-based charity established in 2007 by former Special Forces members. Pilgrim Bandits is dedicated to helping and inspiring injured veterans to live life to the fullest.

At the heart of Pilgrim Bandits’ mission is the goal of providing direct help to those in need with no compromises. They push injured men and women to achieve physically and mentally demanding feats, such as kayaking extraordinary distances, running races, and trekking across inhospitable terrain. Through these experiences, self-confidence is restored, self-belief is instilled, and the Bandits’ motto, “Always a Little Further,” is embraced.

Detego Global is thrilled to support Pilgrim Bandits on their next great adventure: a return visit to the Himalayas. The team will take on the notoriously challenging trek to the Everest base camp, ice climbing, and negotiating the Khumbu Ice Fall en route to Camp 1. This incredible journey is in support of veteran Hari Budha Magar, who is attempting to become the first double above knee amputee to summit Mount Everest.

As a team of ex-military and law enforcement professionals, we understand and value the sacrifices of these brave individuals. We’re honoured to partner with Pilgrim Bandits and support their mission to help injured veterans overcome challenges and embrace life again.
We invite you to join us in wishing the Bandits good luck on their upcoming adventure.

To donate and support their incredible work, please visit: