Empowering Law Enforcement: Detego Global Launches the Justice Accelerator Grant

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Detego Global, the company behind award-winning digital forensics solutions trusted by specialist law enforcement teams, elite military units and global enterprises, has unveiled the Justice Accelerator Grant – a program designed to empower lab and field-based law enforcement professionals with the latest digital forensics technology and skills.

The Justice Accelerator Grant will provide three chosen law enforcement teams with free 12-month licenses to Detego Global’s award-winning digital forensics tools and a dedicated DFIR training session. Each grant, valued at over $3,500, will enable teams to leverage the latest advancements in digital forensics and Detego Global’s state-of-the-art tools to deliver justice faster.

With the Justice Accelerator Grant, teams can speed up investigations by addressing resource gaps with automation, reduce bottlenecks and data siloes using a centralized platform, and create stronger cases with AI-powered analytical tools.

Detego Global’s Business Development Director for North America, CJ Hamidi, shared his thoughts: “We are excited to introduce the Justice Accelerator Grant and support the heroes who keep us safe. It’s the least we can do to show our gratitude and contribute to their efforts in combating crime and ensuring that justice prevails.”

Mike Bates, Detego Global’s Technical Sales Engineer and Former Senior Law Enforcement Professional with nearly three decades of experience commented, “We aim to assist law enforcement teams by providing state-of-the-art solutions that help streamline investigations and bridge the digital divide. We understand their challenges and are dedicated to supporting them in their mission to serve and protect.”

Detego Global’s digital forensics solutions are tailored to meet law enforcement teams’ demanding requirements in the field and labs. The tools empower investigators to easily identify devices associated with crimes, rapidly extract vital evidence and leverage the power of Detego Analyse AI+ to create compelling cases.

To be considered for the Justice Accelerator Grant, law enforcement teams are encouraged to register their interest at this link before August 15th.

The grant will equip teams with state-of-the-art digital forensics solutions, including:

  • Ballistic Imager: Acquire data from computers, laptops and servers at lightning speed, up to 4 times faster than average, with this patented technology.

  • Field Triage: A portable tool with patented technology that’s perfect for investigating data on PCs, laptops, servers and loose media. It empowers frontline teams by identifying and alerting users on data related to investigations through a red-amber-green visual alert system. Ideal for ICAC investigations and offender management, this tool eases the burden on specialist investigators and labs by quickly identifying devices with crucial data.

  • Fusion: Unlock valuable connections between locations, individuals, cases and devices. Help investigators to get the complete picture with advanced link analysis infrastructure and AI-driven technology.

  • Analyse AI+: Analyse AI+ takes our award-winning analytical platform to new heights. Building on Detego Analyse’s leading features, it brings powerful innovations like AI semantic search, similar image ID, lightning-fast audio/video transcription and quick translation. Investigators can eliminate bottlenecks, streamline casework and close faster than ever with Analyse AI+.


The Justice Accelerator Grant is another example of the continued support Detego Global provides law enforcement teams in North America. The company remains committed to supporting these remarkable teams in their pursuit of truth, fairness and justice.

Visit: https://detegoglobal.com/solutions-for-law-enforcement-teams/ to learn more about the solutions Detego Global offers law enforcement teams.

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Detego Global is a trusted leader in advanced investigation solutions encompassing digital forensics, case management and endpoint monitoring solutions. Our mission is to empower law enforcement agencies, military units and enterprises worldwide with the tools and training needed to streamline investigations, eliminate backlogs and deliver justice faster.

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