The Indispensable Role of Digital Forensics in Military Operations (15 November, 2023)

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Join Javis Olson for the 9th Global Webinar on Forensic Science as he highlights the critical role that digital forensics technology plays in military operations.

About the presentation:

Digital forensics is increasingly vital in military operations as data volumes proliferate. This presentation examines digital forensics applications across defence missions, from intelligence gathering to counterterrorism. 

Channelling his extensive military experience, Javis will reveal how forensic data extraction and analysis enables access to mission-critical intelligence from devices and applications. The presentation will highlight how investigators leverage automated tools and AI-powered analytics to process terabyte-scale data to identify critical evidence and hidden links. 

Javis will also emphasise how investing in next-gen digital forensics enhances readiness, decision-making, and operational outcomes.

About the speaker: 

Prior to joining Detego Global, Javis was employed by SOCOM (the US Special Operations Command) as a DOMEX (Document and Media Exploitation) trainer based in Fort Bragg, NC. In addition to his role at Detego Global, Javis serves in the US Army Reserves, where he holds the rank of sergeant first class, promotable to master sergeant. During his 18 years of service in the military, he has been deployed to Afghanistan and Africa on multiple combat tours.

Javis has also been deployed with the 3rd Special Forces Group and assisted various tier-one assets with electronic device forensics. He also ran an EAC lab in Nigeria, showcasing his expertise in this field.