Discover Detego v4.16’s Advanced Features for Swift Investigations and Rapid Case Resolution (15 May 2024)

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Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: 15 May, 2024 
Event Website:  Register Now

Discover a new era in digital forensics and incident response with Detego v4.16, presented by our technical sales engineer, Matt Partridge. Experience enhanced speed, efficiency and precision with a suite of new user-centric features:

Accelerated Investigations: See how you can utilise the Xpress HashScan mode in Field Triage, which now supports all file types. Enjoy speeds that are 6x faster for pictures and video files and 3x faster for all file types; uncovering critical evidence has never been faster.

Effortless Language Translation: Say goodbye to language barriers with the AI-powered Detego offline translator. Find out how you can seamlessly translate content across 100+ languages and carry out cross-language translations to enable efficient multi-region and cross-border investigations.

Streamlined Forensic Processes: See how you can conduct remote acquisitions with ease and perform live RAM extractions and selective data gathering over networked environments. Discover how v4.16 enables you to gain granular control over data acquisition.

Enhanced Analytical Capabilities: Find out how you can benefit from 2x faster semantic search and AI face recognition in Detego Analyse AI+, enabling rapid insights into vast datasets. Get a first-hand look at the new message viewer, which facilitates efficient communication analysis and ensures quicker decision-making.

Seamless Decryption: Discover how you can unlock encrypted data effortlessly with native BitLocker decryption capabilities. Gain access to vital information for enhanced forensic analysis, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

And there’s so much more to explore! Join us as we guide you through the transformative features of Detego v4.16 and demonstrate how you can transform your on-scene and lab-based investigations.