Explore Detego Global’s Game-Changing Tools for Rapid Triage and Selective Extractions (07 August 2024)

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Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: 07 August, 2024
Event Website: HTCIA

In the era of digital proliferation, where countless devices store vast amounts of data, the ability to efficiently triage devices and conduct selective extractions has become more critical than ever. Join Detego Global’s experts as they showcase the company’s cutting-edge tools. Learn how these tools can revolutionise your approach to digital forensics triage. Discover how they safeguard the privacy of victims by enabling investigators to focus only on the data that’s relevant to investigations.

During the webinar, the team will demonstrate Detego Global’s Field Triage solution, featuring a globally patented alert system designed to simplify evidence discovery. They will also showcase Media Acquisition, a powerful tool that automates data capture from multiple devices while providing real-time views of the extracted data, enabling on-the-spot decision-making. Attendees will witness the capabilities of MD-Live, a mobile triage powerhouse that grants access to crucial data on thousands of phone models, even those with broken screens, thanks to its screen mirroring technology.

As a special bonus, all attendees will receive a complimentary 60-day license, presenting a unique opportunity to experience how these groundbreaking solutions can transform on-scene and lab-based investigations.

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