From Data to Discovery: Accelerate Your Digital Investigations with Analyse AI+ (03 April 2024)

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Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: 03 April, 2024 
Event Website:  Sign up now

In today’s complex digital landscape, investigators are often faced with the daunting task of navigating vast digital terrains, analysing multiple devices and decoding mountains of data to pinpoint vital evidence. Our upcoming webinar, hosted in partnership with Cyber Social Hub, unveils how our cutting-edge AI analytics and intelligent workflow automation can transform investigative processes. Discover the power of creating automated job queues that accelerate evidence discovery and streamline casework.

Join this exclusive session with US Special Operations veteran Javis Olson and witness the revolutionary capabilities of Analyse AI+, from its visual indexer and facial recognition to real-time translation, transcription and multi-language OCR. Learn how you can harness these tools to automate and streamline casework, ensuring you uncover critical evidence swiftly and efficiently.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your investigative approach and achieve breakthrough results with speed and precision.