Detego v4.14: Download our Latest Release Today

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Shorten investigation timelines from days to minutes with Analyse AI+’s new face recognition and semantic search capabilities.

Harness the power of AI-powered face recognition, semantic search, pre-configured watchlists and more with the latest update to Detego Analyse AI+.

Accelerate investigations with highly accurate face recognition watchlists. Easily upload photos of suspects, witnesses or victims and match them against images and videos in seconds. When used on a standard laptop/computer, our rapid matching technology identifies more than ten faces per second, 2x faster than the industry average.

You can now pinpoint persons of interest faster with Analyse AI+’s advanced semantic search. Add filters to face recognition to identify persons in specific locations, performing certain actions, holding objects, or displaying particular emotions. For example, find a suspect pointing a gun at another person, identify someone loading people into a boat or recognise a distressed child in a warehouse.

Detego’s face recognition automates the most labour-intensive aspects of casework. It continues to build on Detego Analyse AI+’s groundbreaking capabilities, which include real-time AI audio/video translation and transcription, similar image identification, AI-powered object detection, multi-language OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and the offline translation of documents in over 230 languages to English.

This latest update forms a part of the launch of Detego v4.14, which helps fast-track investigations by enabling investigators to:

  • Swiftly extract data from Virtual Hard Disks using the compound file extractor
  • Easily import and access data from Advanced Forensic Files (AFF4)
  • Effortlessly gain insights into and extract vital application configuration data from internet browsers, CCleaner and µTorrent
  • Save time by exporting exhibit data in multiple formats, simultaneously
  • File, sort and browse evidence faster thanks to extensive updates to the Evidence Browser
  • Get access to the support you need faster than ever before!

Discover the features in detail by downloading our release notes

Download v4.14 from our Secure Portal to experience these benefits first-hand

We can’t wait to hear how it improves workflows and enables you to close cases faster.

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