Detego Global Shines in Forbes’ Select 200 List

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Detego Global, an award-winning innovator of digital forensics, case management and endpoint monitoring solutions, is proud to announce its inclusion in Forbes’ DGEMS Select 200 list. Developed in partnership with D Globalist, this prestigious list recognises companies with significant global business potential and innovative leadership.

The DGEMS Select 200 shines a spotlight on groundbreaking brands and the visionary ‘Extrepreneurs’ at their helm. This term, coined by Forbes, describes founders who adopt a borderless approach, taking their domestic solutions to the global stage and fostering innovation and opportunities worldwide.

Dave Kirk, the founder of Detego Global, has been instrumental in the company’s international success. Originating as a British venture in 2003, Detego Global now serves a diverse client base, including military teams, law enforcement agencies, forensic laboratories, intelligence agencies and corporate entities around the world. The company’s extensive network boasts over 70 global partners and operates from 7 international offices.

Detego Global’s commitment extends beyond product delivery, as the team provides comprehensive support, training and educational resources worldwide, driving the adoption and advancement of digital forensics and incident response technologies. Throughout its history, the company has secured numerous patents for game-changing features. These innovations notably accelerate investigative processes by granting users access to unparalleled data extraction speeds and an AI-powered intuitive visual alert system that facilitates rapid decision-making.

“Being named in the Forbes and D Globalist DGEMS Select 200 is a tremendous honour,” says Dave Kirk. “It validates our mission to revolutionise investigative capabilities around the world. Our continued growth and increasing impact in combating crime and injustice worldwide is a testament to our team’s dedication and hard work”.

This recognition follows a series of accolades for Detego Global, including the nomination of its Media Acquisition Tool as a finalist in the 2023 SC Awards and the nomination of Detego Analyse for the UK’s Security and Policing Innovation Award.

Dave Kirk adds, “This acknowledgement from Forbes and D Globalist clearly indicates our brand’s positive trajectory. We remain committed to expanding our offerings, continuously aiming to meet the evolving investigative needs of organisations around the globe”.

About Detego Global:

Detego Global is the company behind acclaimed Digital Forensics, Case Management and Endpoint Monitoring solutions that are trusted by the military, law enforcement teams, intelligence agencies and enterprises around the world.

With the ever-increasing use of digital devices and the corresponding mass of data that’s created, Detego Global’s solutions have become the preferred choice for rapidly acquiring, analysing and acting on evidence and intelligence.