Detego v4.15: Download our Latest Release Today

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Make every second count with the all-new Xpress HashScan Mode and more! 

We are thrilled to introduce Detego v4.15, a groundbreaking advancement in digital forensics and incident response technology!

v4.15 debuts the revolutionary Xpress HashScan Mode, designed to elevate on-scene and lab-based investigations with unparalleled speed and precision.

Developed with insights from experienced investigators, Xpress HashScan Mode offers an ultra-fast route to uncovering critical evidence. It significantly boosts triage capabilities, allowing you to identify relevant images and videos up to six times faster.

Whether tackling offender management, ICAC investigations, sting operations, border security, or corporate investigations, this mode will provide a substantial advantage by accelerating escalations and case resolutions.

Detego v4.15 also brings additional enhancements to ensure a comprehensive and seamless DFIR experience.


Enhancements to Detego Field:

  • Real-time triage scan alerts for expedited decision-making
  • Enhanced compatibility with legacy devices


Enhancements to Detego Analyse AI+:

  • Advanced BitLocker decryption capabilities
  • Streamlined disk inspection processes for swifter evidence recovery
  • Enhanced evidence viewers and browsers, ensuring superior compatibility

Discover the features in detail by downloading our release notes

Download v4.15 from our Secure Portal to experience these benefits first-hand

We can’t wait to hear how it improves workflows and enables you to close cases faster.

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