Cutting-Edge Technology and Rugby Spirit Unite as Detego Global Sponsors England Police Rugby Union’s Tour of South Africa

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In a landmark partnership, Detego Global, the innovators behind leading digital forensics, case management and endpoint monitoring solutions, proudly announced its sponsorship of the England Police Rugby Union Football Club. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in sports and community engagement as the team prepares for its highly anticipated tour of South Africa.

The England Police Rugby Union Football Club is more than a sports team; it’s a vital bridge within the policing community, promoting health, wellbeing and unity through the power of sport. Following successful tours in Hong Kong and Canada, the team will embark on a thrilling journey to Cape Town, South Africa, in May 2024.

Dave Kirk, Detego Global’s founder and a lifelong rugby enthusiast who played the sport during his school days, elaborated on the significance of the partnership: “We’re thrilled to support the England Police Rugby Union Football Club as they mark a significant milestone in their sporting journey. At Detego Global, our commitment to community spirit is unwavering, and we seize every opportunity to contribute positively to the incredible clients we serve in the law enforcement, military and corporate sectors.”

He added, “Sharing a passion for rugby with my South African wife makes this sponsorship personally significant. Supporting a sport that embodies discipline, respect and integrity—values at the heart of Detego Global—goes beyond mere sponsorship. It reflects our shared principles and dedication to making a positive impact.”

Detego Global stands at the forefront of investigative technology, offering indispensable tools and support to a wide range of customers, helping them combat serious crimes ranging from fraud and child abuse to organised crime, human trafficking and terrorism.

The company’s pioneering Unified Digital Forensics Platform is acclaimed for its ability to transform on-scene and laboratory investigations and deliver rapid results with its globally patented forensic imaging tools, fast and accurate triage capabilities, AI analytics and workflow automation.

Detego Global’s impact extends beyond technological solutions, embracing a holistic approach that includes training, support and strategic sponsorships. Andy Lister, Managing Director of Detego Global, shared, “We are honoured to strengthen our ties with the law enforcement community through this strategic alliance with the England Police Rugby Union Football Club. Our dedication transcends the provision of advanced technological solutions; it involves building enduring partnerships that empower and provide unwavering support to the wider law enforcement community.”

Detego Global’s commitment to “Progress through Purpose” underpins its expansive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The company’s history of supporting crucial causes—from donating software to police and military groups to enable the fight against child abuse, human trafficking and terrorism to supporting Olympic Paralympian Jeanette Chippington—reflects its dedication to making a tangible difference in the world.

The sponsorship of the England Police Rugby Union Football Club is a proud continuation of Detego Global’s mission-driven journey. Andy Ward, Vice-President of the England Police RUFC, welcomed the partnership, saying, “We’re excited to be working with Detego Global on this exciting stage of our journey. Their strong presence in the UK’s law enforcement landscape makes them an ideal partner, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership.”



About Detego Global:

Detego Global is the company behind acclaimed Digital Forensics, Case Management and Endpoint Monitoring solutions that are trusted by the military, law enforcement teams, intelligence agencies and enterprises around the world.

With the ever-increasing use of digital devices and the corresponding mass of data that’s created, Detego Global’s solutions have become the preferred choice for rapidly acquiring, analysing and acting on evidence and intelligence.


About the England Police Rugby Union Football Club

The England Police Rugby Union Football Club (EPRUFC) was formed in 2015, with the first fixture being against a touring Australian Police team that had come to England for the Rugby World Cup. 

The players at EPRUFC are serving police officers and staff, currently selected from forces across England. The club chairman is Chief Constable Mark Roberts of Cheshire Constabulary, and the Honorary President is World Cup winner Lewis Moody MBE.

The club’s primary purpose is to bring together the policing community and its wider family through the wonderful sport of rugby. The aim is to play quality rugby at the highest international level and to allow the forces and players to come together as one, focusing on inclusivity, health and wellbeing through the benefit of sport and exercise whilst using this

platform to engage with the broader community.

The club plays fixtures against the Welsh, Scottish and combined Irish police unions, which comprise the annual police four nations tournament. Other annual fixtures include Army, RAF and Fire Brigade sides, ensuring the side is tested at the highest level. 

The club’s ambition in the coming years is to further improve the opportunities for police rugby players and coaches to experience high-quality rugby in a welcoming and inclusive environment and challenge themselves at the international level against the best other countries can offer.