Detego v4.16: Download our Latest Release Today

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We are thrilled to introduce Detego v4.16, a quantum leap in digital forensics and incident response technology!

v4.16 debuts a range of revolutionary features and enhancements designed to bring unparalleled speed, efficiency and precision to on-scene and lab-based investigations.

One of the standout features in this release is the extension of the Xpress HashScan mode in Field Triage to support all file types. Developed with insights from experienced investigators in the law enforcement, military and corporate sectors, Field Triage now offers three powerful modes: Full Scan, Xpress HashScan for pictures and video files (6x faster than before) and Xpress HashScan for all file types (3x faster than before). These modes provide ultra-fast routes to uncovering critical evidence while accelerating case resolution.

Another game-changing addition is the all-new AI-powered Detego offline translator in Analyse AI+, which replaces the gist translator found in previous versions. Supporting more than 100 languages, this feature allows users to conduct swift and accurate cross-language translations, enhancing accessibility and facilitating efficient multi-region/cross-border investigations.

Remote Acquisition has received significant advancements, too: users can now perform live RAM extractions over networked environments and conduct selective extractions using predefined folders or custom paths. This streamlines remote forensic processes and provides granular control over data acquisition.

Detego v4.16 brings additional enhancements to ensure a comprehensive and seamless DFIR experience.

Other enhancements to Detego Analyse AI+ include:

  • AI transcription and translation of 100+ languages, facilitating global investigations
  • Automated status alerts from remote agents, enabling faster decision-making
  • An all-new message viewer, streamlining message review and thus enhancing efficiency in communication analysis
  • Native BitLocker decryption capabilities, supporting seamless decryption for enhanced forensic analysis
  • Improved extraction of additional Windows OS artefacts, enriching digital evidence collection
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities for Detego Fusion-linked data, enabling comprehensive analysis and reporting
  • Data redaction capabilities, to protect sensitive information in reports and ensure privacy and compliance
  • Enhanced drone support, to increase the scope of aerial data analysis
  • An updated map feature, to help pinpoint crucial data faster, enhancing location-based investigations


Enhancements to Detego Field include:

  • New file extension options for uncovering hidden video and photographic evidence, expanding forensic capabilities
  • An enhanced hash-match report tool that streamlines reporting processes, facilitating efficient evidence documentation
  • Improved support for logical macOS extractions, to enhance data acquisition from Apple devices

Discover the features in detail by downloading our release notes

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