May 24

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The IACP Technology Conference in North Carolina (21-23 May 2024)

Immerse yourself in the Unified Digital Forensics Platform that’s revolutionising investigations around the world. Discover how Detego breaks through backlogs by leveraging record-setting data extraction capabilities, precise triage, AI analytics and intelligent workflow automation.


Border Security Expo in El Paso, Texas (21-23 May 2024)

Join us at the Border Security Expo to experience our Unified Digital Forensics Platform, a game-changer for the military, law enforcement, border security teams and intelligence agencies. Discover how Detego is helping teams tackle major crimes like terrorism and human trafficking by swiftly unlocking critical evidence from 1,000s of devices and apps.


DSI’s 5th Annual Digital Forensics for National Security Symposium in Maryland (15-16 May 2024)

Visit our booth and discover how our all-in-one solution enables investigators in intelligence agencies, law enforcement teams, the military, and the federal government to rapidly extract, analyse and report on critical evidence from thousands of devices and apps. Our platform can handle everything from computers, phones, drones, and smart devices to popular apps.



Visit our booth for a detailed look at our award-winning digital forensics tools that help special forces teams and other elite military units combat serious crimes around the world.


The Eastern Region Digital Investigation CPD Event in Bedford (03 May 2024)

Stop by our booth, meet the team and experience our award-winning digital forensics tools first-hand. Discover how they can help you eliminate backlogs and speed up investigations with record-breaking data extraction capabilities, swift and accurate triage, AI-powered analytics and intelligent workflow automation.

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