Unlock rapid mobile forensics, anywhere

Swiftly access critical data from smartphones and perform logical extractions anywhere, right when you need it.

Retrieve recently deleted messages and remotely control device screens. Directly capture evidence from phones and tablets in real-time and keep investigations moving.

  • Carry out logical extractions and access information critical to investigations on any smartphone
  • Focus only on the data that matters by conducting selective extractions
  • Gain external control of devices with screen mirroring to gather data from devices with broken/non-functional displays
  • Analyse cases faster by viewing data as it would appear on the device
  • Tap into the inbuilt Omniviewer capability to preview photos, videos, documents and other exhibit data
  • Use advanced automation capabilities to speed up investigations
  •  Generate reports in multiple file formats to provide specialist witness documents

Cutting-edge mobile triage for the quick analysis of evidence

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*Excluding China

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