Detego v4.5: Download our Latest Release Today

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Detego version 4.5 is available for download today from the Detego Secure Portal.

Version 4.5 now adds the following features to your Detego software:

  • A new Portable Viewer that allows the export of exhibits for preview on standalone devices.
  • Improved Native Project VIC integration in Detego Analyse and a new Indecent Images Detection Analytical Job.
  • Some performance updates to our Field Triage tool.

Further details on key new features within version 4.5 can be found below:

Detego Version 4.5 Highlights

Detego Portable Viewer

The new Detego Portable Viewer will allow the preview of exhibits and reports without the need for a fully licensed Detego Analyse system.

The portable viewer contains all the exhibit data, including binary artefacts and database entries like tags already applied in Detego Analyse. New tags can be added using the portable viewer and exported for inclusion into the main exhibit within Detego Analyse.

The Detego Portable viewer is included in all Detego modules and software bundles and does not require additional purchase.


Main Detego Portable Viewer Features

  • All digital evidence packaged into one location and conveniently grouped into individual file types with available application data all alongside your device-specific information.
  • Conveniently share exhibits via portable storage devices or cloud services.
  • Eliminates the need to have Detego Analyse to preview exhibit data.
  • Management can tag exhibits without tying up licenses that could be used by investigators.


Native Project VIC Integration in Detego Analyse

The version 4.5 release allows the native importation of Project VIC datasets into Detego Analyse. You can now tag data within Detego Analyse and export this data to Project VIC for review.

Acquired data can be matched against the Project VIC database in a similar format to matching data against hash values. 

With this update, the time taken to import Project VIC datasets into Detego Analyse is also significantly reduced.


Analytical Job for Indecent Images Detection

This new analytical job can be used to detect media containing Indecent Images of Children. It is capable of detecting faces, skin and nudity within both Images and Videos.

Top: Manage Project VIC Hash Sets in Detego Analyse.

Right: Find Project VIC Hash set matches in your data.


Detego Field Triage Improvements

  • Logical for macOS Catalina: Detego Field Triage is now able to complete a logical extraction of Macs running macOS Catalina.
  • WiFi Artefacts: Detego Field Triage is now able to extract WiFi passwords from both Windows and Mac OS devices.
  • Results Page UI Updates: The Detego Field Triage results now appear in three sections: Jobs Run, System Information and Keywords matched. Reports can now be run against each section.