Cutting-edge DFIR solutions for on-scene investigations on computers, phones and loose media (6 April 2022)

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Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: 06 April, 2022
Event Website: BigMarker


About the Webinar:

Join us as we look at how field-based teams can leverage Detego’s DFIR tools that are trusted by elite military, law enforcement and enterprise security teams to rapidly acquire and analyze data from computers, phones and loose media.

The webinar will be hosted by C.J Hamidi, Detego’s Director of Sales for North America and Matt Patridge, Detego’s Support Manager and Forensic Examiner.



During this hour-long webinar we will focus on:

Detego Ballistic Imager:

With imaging speeds 4x faster than the average and the ability to get non-technical users fully operational with a 30 minute training, our patented ballistic imager tool has become the trusted choice for creating physical images, fast.

Detego Field Triage:

A portable solution that’s ideal for investigating data on PCs, laptops, servers and loose media, this tool bypasses time-consuming data extraction and analysis processes to identify and alert users of data related to investigations through a patented red-amber-green visual alert system.

Media Acquisition:

Detego’s Media Acquisition automates digital data capture from removable media, mobile devices, computers and hard-drives. Its simple intuitive interface allows users to quickly analyse multiple devices in no time.

With a live view of the data being extracted in real-time, users can easily make on-the-spot decisions.

Hancom MD-LIVE:

Extend your team’s capabilities with this cutting-edge solution that enables them to access information critical to investigations on any smartphone. With MD-LIVE, investigators can:

  • Rapidly extract and analyze data specific to investigations while protecting the privacy of witnesses and complying with data protection laws.
  • Gain external control of devices with screen mirroring to gather data from devices with broken/non-functional displays without compromising evidential integrity.
  • Analyze cases faster by viewing evidence data as it would appear on the smartphone. + Use the inbuilt omniviewer to preview photos, videos, documents and other exhibit data.
  • Automate and speed up investigations using its intuitive user interface + generate reports in different file formats and provide specialist witness documents.
  • Take pictures of exhibits, record evidence directly from device screens and even record the investigations process through external camera input.



1 participant will get a free Detego Field Triage license for six months and access to Detego’s certified training.