The AI revolution in digital forensics: Detego Global’s game-changing analytics (13 December, 2023)

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Event Location: Virtual speaker session
Event Dates: 13 December, 2023
Event Website: Cyber Social Con 2023

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising our daily lives, and its impact on criminal investigations is no exception. Join us for an exclusive presentation at this year’s Cyber Social Con, where we demonstrate how investigators can leverage cutting-edge AI tools to streamline investigations and fast-track the discovery of critical evidence.

Presented by Mike Bates, a senior law enforcement professional turned technical sales engineer, this session will unveil Detego’s advanced AI capabilities. Experience AI-powered semantic search that goes beyond keywords to identify concepts, sentiments and contexts. Witness real-time translation and transcription that expedites evidence analysis. See how face watchlists can instantly identify persons of interest from massive volumes of video and images.

During this session, attendees will gain insights into how Detego’s AI innovations empower investigators to achieve more in less time. Drawing on his law enforcement experience spanning nearly three decades, Mike will provide impactful examples and offer a glimpse into the AI-powered future of digital forensics and incident response.