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Event Location: Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Florida
Event Dates: 06 – 10 May, 2024
Event Website: SOF WEEK

We’re thrilled to join forces with Teel Technologies for SOF Week 2024!

Drop by our booth for an in-depth exploration of our innovative digital forensics tools designed to empower special forces teams and other elite military units in their global fight against crime.

See how you can arm your teams with rapid insights from thousands of devices and apps by leveraging Detego’s blisteringly fast data acquisition tools, covert investigation capabilities, fast and accurate triage function, workflow automation, and AI-powered analytics.

Discover how we’ve perfected our solutions with input from special forces, intelligence agencies, and counterterrorism units, and see how our tools can deliver results even when deployed in the harshest conditions.

That’s not all; you’ll stand a chance to win a smartwatch and take home some Detego merch, including our challenge coins while you’re there!


About SOF Week

SOF Week will be a convention for the entire SOF Community, akin to an “AUSA National Meeting” for the U.S. Army or the “AFA National Convention” for the U.S. Air Force. The first rendition of this modified format will occur in May 2024.