Discover Detego Global’s Game-Changing Tools for Rapid Data Extraction (02 October 2024)

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Event Location: Webinar
Event Dates: 02 October, 2024
Event Website: HTCIA

When faced with mounting backlogs and increasing pressure, time becomes a scarce and invaluable resource for investigators. In this must-attend webinar, experts from Detego Global will reveal how the company’s rapid data extraction tools for computers, mobiles, smart devices and networked devices can help you slash backlogs and accelerate investigations.

The webinar will highlight the capabilities of several cutting-edge tools designed to streamline digital forensics processes. First, you’ll discover Ballistic Imager, the world’s fastest forensic imaging tool, which enables lightning-fast data acquisition. Next, you’ll explore Detego MD, a powerful solution that provides access to data from thousands of mobile phone models (including burner phones), drones, smart devices and countless apps, empowering investigators to tackle a wide range of digital evidence sources.

The experts will also showcase Media Acquisition, a tool that automates and expedites data extraction from multiple removable devices, saving valuable time and effort. Finally, you’ll witness the transformative impact of Remote Acquisition, a game-changing tool that facilitates high-speed data extraction over networked environments while offering the ability to resume extractions from cut-off points in the event of network failures or drops.

By attending this webinar, you will gain valuable insights into how Detego Global’s suite of rapid data extraction tools can revolutionise your approach to digital forensics, enabling you to tackle backlogs head-on and conduct investigations with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

As a special bonus, all attendees will receive a complimentary 60-day license, presenting a unique opportunity to experience how these groundbreaking solutions can transform on-scene and lab-based investigations.

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