Past events 2022

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Rapidly Uncover On-Scene Evidence With Detego (08 December 2022)

Join us as we explore how investigators across law enforcement, military and corporate environments can easily find and act on critical evidence from devices such as computers, laptops, loose media and mobile devices by using Detego’s technology.


DEX-XL (08 – 09 November 2022)

Get a first-hand experience of our award-winning Unified Digital Forensics Platform and find out how it can help you solve cases faster.


Enabling Rapid Imaging over Networked Environments with Detego (11 October 2022)

Join Detego’s Global Sales Director, Alex Kirk, as he explains how you can forensically secure system information, RAM data, usernames and passwords, internet artefacts, and physical and logical images – all with the added benefit of being able to resume extractions from previous cut-off points in the event of network failures or drops.


Rapidly uncover on-scene evidence with Detego (05 October 2022)

We understand how crucial it is to have quick access to data from suspect devices when carrying out on-scene investigations. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Ace Computers to host a webinar that highlights how you can use our award-winning technology to carry out thorough investigations by rapidly extracting, analyzing and reporting on critical data from 1,000s of devices.

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