Past events 2023

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SOFINS (28-30 March 2023)

Join us for an exclusive showcase of our award-winning digital forensics tools and see how they can give you access to critical intelligence from thousands of devices and apps.


Security & Policing (14-16 March 2023)

Visit the Detego Global booth to try out our award-winning Unified Digital Forensics Platform and see how it can eliminate backlogs and fast-track investigations with rapid imaging technology, triage, AI-powered analytics and smart workflow automation.


Innovation in Digital Investigation Workshop (03 March 2023)

Join Detego Global’s exclusive presentation at The Investigator’s Digital Investigation workshop to explore how your teams can benefit from award-winning on-scene investigation tools that are trusted by elite military units, law enforcement teams and corporate investigators around the world.


The Annual F3 Analysts Workshop (28 February – 02 March 2023)

Come to the Detego Global booth and witness the power of our award-winning Unified Digital Forensics Platform. Find out how it can help you eliminate bottlenecks and speed up investigations by allowing you to quickly extract, analyse, and report on digital evidence from thousands of devices.


Public Security Exhibition (PSE) (08 February 2023)

Visit our booth to discover the advantages of our award-winning Digital Forensics solutions. Learn how they can help you streamline investigations, reduce bottlenecks and eliminate backlogs.

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