Past events 2023

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FiFE 2023, Spain (21 September 2023)

Meet the team and see how our patented rapid imaging, intelligent triage and AI-powered analytics accelerate investigations by rapidly identifying, analysing and reporting on critical evidence from thousands of devices and apps.


The 39th annual HTCIA Conference and Expo (19-21 September 2023)

Meet our team at booth #305 and see how our award-winning Unified Digital Forensics Platform unlocks vital evidence from thousands of devices and apps with patented rapid imaging technology, quick triage, AI-powered analytics and advanced workflow automation.

Past events 2023

Techno Security West (11-13 September 2023)

Visit our booth for a demo of Detego’s cutting-edge Digital Forensics investigations tools trusted by law enforcement teams, military units and corporate investigators globally.


Redefining Justice: Exploring the Transformative Impact of Detego Global’s Acclaimed Digital Forensics Tools (22 August 2023)

Join Javis Olson and Mike Bates, veterans from the military and law enforcement sectors, for an insiders’ view of how Detego eliminates bottlenecks and accelerates the resolution of cases in any setting.

Get a detailed look at the recently launched Detego Analyse AI+ and its ground-breaking features, including the AI-semantic search and powerful similar image search functions that can eliminate hours of manual data sifting. See how Analyse AI+ translates and transcribes audio and video in real-time – helping you pinpoint critical evidence in minutes!

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